Attention All!

7 Day Gym Pass All Access to Elite Gym

We are a exclusive gym in Jersey City and this week we are selling a 7 Day Pass for $1

Have you ever gone to a gym and realized you did not know a single person there?

Are you worn out with long term gym contracts? lack of community and personal trainers who don’t provide results?

Well at Elite Gym NJ we created a community driven atmosphere where people are motivated by each other to achieve there fitness goals.

We have thrown out everything wrong with the typical gym out the window.

We have no contracts, no obligations no frills

To help you get a chance to try out this new type of a gym

This is a LIMITED TIME OFFER to NEW MEMBERS ONLY (restrictions may apply)

STOP BY and visit: ELITE GYM 517 Communipaw Ave Jersey City NJ 07304

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