How It All Started and Our Missions Ahead

The gym was established in 2013/2014 and has recently changed ownership and new management since April 2016. Previous owners did not see the vision that we currently have, with the refreshing new way of circuit and interval training. The current Elite Gym is progressing into a crossfit/weightlifting mentality giving members versatility and a fun approach in training. Our objective is to have a quality gym with a relationship with all its members.

Join a fitness community that is passionate, determined, and supportive. Whether you’re here for a day or committed to years, we’ve got exactly what you need. Get ready to tear down obstacles of the mind and body. We at Elite Gym believe that getting yourself back to work means setting your own pace. So start your journey with us today and join the family.


Hi-End Equipment to Match Your Needs

Start a physical program using new hybrid way of training. We now offer crossfit equipment such as Rogue power racks, land mines and bumper plates, Concept 2 rower, Plyometrics and also Hoist,Cybex,Hammer strength Smith machine. Plate loaded equipment and free weights bring back the old school weightlifting back to fitness and cardio equipment gives versatility to training regimen.

Core Training with ROGUE kettle bells and an outdoors crossfit circuit training allows diversity with multiple ways of training. Outdoors classes available such as Boot camp, Strength and Conditioning, Crossfit workout of the day (WOD). Battle ropes and gymnastic rings for cardio/interval training session that will train you to the Core. The gym is managed by former military and have added a solid and knowledgeable training staff.