Ohio Power Bar 20kg
Texas Power Bar
Texas Deadlift Bar
Texas Squat Bar
Safety Squat Bar
Axl Bar (Rogue)
Duffalo Bar (1000 lb. capacity)
Weightlifting Bar
Earthquake Bar (Brooklyn)
Functional Bar/ Football Bar, Camber Bar
Troy EZ Curl Bar
Colored Rogue Bumper Plates (Kg.) + Collars
Steel Plates York (Jersey City)
GPI Pro-Style Dumbbells (5-125 lbs.) and Kettle Bells (Jersey City)
Calibrated Competition Plates Rogue (Brooklyn) and Ivanko (Jersey City)

Kabuki Strength Transformer Bar (Brooklyn)


Combo Squat/Bench Rack by Soawelding (Custom Made, Comp specs)
Mono-Lift by Soawelding (Custom Made, Comp Specs Brooklyn)
Rogue Squat Racks
Rogue S-1 Half Racks
Elite FTS Competition Bench w/Band Pegs
Rogue Deadlift Platform and Sorinex Deadlift Platforms
Adjustable 0-90 Bench by Rogue

Rogue Westideside Bench with Fat Pad and Monolift (Brooklyn)
Rogue West Side Bench
Rogue RML 490 and Rogue Infinity Rig 4 stations with custom platforms
Sorinex Incline and Flat bench press (Brooklyn)
Legend Fitness Incline Bench and Decline Bench Press (Brooklyn)
4x8 Rogue Deadlift Platforms pegs
Legend Fitness Shoulder Press (Brooklyn)

Rogue Glute Ham Raise (Jersey City)
Rogue T Bar Row (Brooklyn)
Rogue Reverse Hyper extension
Selectorized Lat Pulldown
Selectorized Low Low
Elite FTS T-Bar Chest Supported Row (Jersey city)
Leg Press by York (Jersey City) and Nebula (Brooklyn)
Hip Adduction/Abduction (inner/outer thigh by Hoist (Brooklyn)
Selectorized Leg Extension
Selectorized Prone Leg Curl
Matt Wenning Belt Squat (Brooklyn)

Hammer Strength Incline and Wide Chest Press (Jersey City)
Hammer Strength Low row
Hammer Strength Mid Row Back (Brooklyn)
Elite FTS Cable crossover (Jersey) Functional Trainer Cables (Brooklyn)


Concept 2 Rower
Bench Press Boards
Wagon Wheels by Rogue
Dip Belts
Land mines with attachments
Rogue Monolifts
Box Jumps and Plyo Boxes
(2) Concept 2 Rower (D Model)

Cardio Equipment

Rogue Echo Bike
Concept 2 Rower
Life Fitness Elliptical (Jersey City)
Xebex Air Runner (Jersey City)
Star Trac Spin Bike with Screen (Jersey City)