3 Month Elite Plan - Jersey City

3 Month Elite Plan - Jersey City

100.00 119.99

This is our 3 month rate. Wanna save some moola? Some scratch? Some paper? Some dough? Well, you get the point. Try our 3 month deal! You'll have a heavier wallet and be lighter on the scale. This deal is perfect for those folks that are starting to take fitness a little seriously and is looking to get to that next level of fitness. We provide a wide variety of state of the art US-made equipment for endless amounts of workouts and cross-training for those serious goers. Our constantly evolving facility also has an extended outdoor gym for those looking to get some air and enjoy the Jersey City sun during the spring, summer, and fall months while doing intense cross-training workouts.

Come check us out! We promise we won't dissapoint;) Our facility is clean with top of the line US-made equipment and our staff are super-friendly.

If you have any questions or just want to hit us up to say hello, please feel free to contact us directly at (347) 529-7489 or via email at Elitegymnyc@gmail.com