We are almost Ready for Soft Open but we are asking for your Help.

I am happy to announce that the Gym is close to being done as far as paint and equipment. I would like to thank members and friends that have helped with transporting equipment and also helping up to this point.

The Gym still has electrical repairs and plumbing that needs to continue to get worked on. The Gym has been painted and mats have been layed out along with placing of some equipment.

The Gym is looking to do a soft open soon , we are hoping to get the word out to raise some more money to get some crucial areas ready for the launch. 

I have added some more Perks for smaller donations.

If we raise enough money we will be able to open the gym in the next weeks to come.

Please share these updates and let people know that we are getting ready to open the doors to Elite Gym NYC but need your help.

We would like to thank those who have donated and helped with this venture , we would also like to extend a request to check out some of our new merchandise for sale that is now available in our web store https://elitegymbk.com/new-products


So far we have:

-Multiple Competition Benches 

-Multiple Squat Racks and areas to squat 


-Hammer Strength and Bodybuilding Equipment 

What we want to add:

-Rogue Combo Rack


-New Bars 

-Strongman Equipment 

-Cardio Equipment 

Thank You all, 

Elite Gym Management 

Carlos Angel