Elite Gym Brooklyn

Elite Gym Brooklyn is the flag ship that started it all. The gym was established in 2014 but was taken over in April of 2016 by military vets.

The Plan was to make a different kind of gym with the very best equipment. Most commercial gyms cater to just circuit training machines. The vision for Elite Gym was to bring a gym where members could progressively get stronger.

The gym was equipped with Power racks and equipment by Rogue Fitness. Specific machines were brought in to effectively get the member stronger at the 3 main lifts Squat , Bench and the Deadlift


Elite Gym Jersey City

Elite Gym Jersey City is the 2nd location that was opened June 2018. The Gym is a bigger version of its predecessor and held the first NJ State USPA meet in Jersey City . The gym offers custom made competition level equipment and bodybuilding equipment. In a short period time the gym has created a strong community holding several charity events and becoming more like a family

The gym is located 2 stops away from the World Trade Center Path station and is 6000 sq ft.