Class and coaching

Erik Bonini    201-370-2830

Erik Bonini



Powerlifting Classes

Our classes are taught by ISSA Certified Strength Specialist that will teach you the correct way to lift to prevent potential injuries.

Additionally our classes will cover mobility exercises to help with muscle recovery and injury prevention. Get started today and sign up online or in person at the gym.

Class size will cap at five participants.

PRICE: $40

Time: 2:00pm

Days: Sat and Sun

Approximately: 45 min

Coaching    347-529-7489




One On One Coaching

Strengthen and tone your body by letting one of our certified pros teach you proper form and different fitness routines to jump start your fitness. No matter your fitness level or background, our trainer will help improve your endurance, form, rev up your metabolism and develop maximum strength.

Price: $40

Schedule via email

Approximately: 45 min

Teresita Gorbea    917-478-7589

Teresita Gorbea


Guided Meditation

Self Healing Meditation

With today’s fast pace and being plugged into a hectic lifestyle, there is no time to breathe. We have lost connection with others and ourselves. We experience chaos and confusion when making decisions. Sometimes we want more meaningful relationships and/or jobs. Or we may feel lonely, depressed with a need for change.

Purge the negativity and embrace the possibilities life has to offer. Join us in this safe haven of togetherness; create friendships. Reach out when there is a need to connect and talk

AWAKEN IN YOUR SPIRIT through movement, hands-on-healing guided meditation followed by a quiet meditation.

--Quiet your inner voices and distractions for better focus, inner guidance and wisdom

--Tap into the source of who you are for your true purpose and potential in life

--Deepen your spiritual life, get in tune with your inner spirit and soul

--Calm your fears and doubts; gain courage and strength to deal with life as you know it; be more focused with meaning

--Grow with kindness, gentleness, patience and love

Price: $40

Schedule: Early mornings with a 5 person minimum

Approximately: 30-45 min